2023, Vol6 Issue3

Review article

Artificial intelligence, a powerful tool to combat antimicrobial resistance: An update

Rony IbneMasud,

Naeem Ahammed IbrahimFahim


Md. TanvirRahman

J Adv Biotechnol Exp Ther. 2023; 6(3): 711-727|Doi: 10.5455/jabet.2023.d161
Original article

Kidney injury molecule-1 and cystatin C as early biomarkers for renal dysfunction in Iraqi type 2 diabetes mellitus patients

Ansam AbdulameerYahya,

Dheyaa JabbarKadhim


Nassar AbdalaemaAbdalhadi

J Adv Biotechnol Exp Ther. 2023; 6(3): 673-685|Doi: 10.5455/jabet.2023.d158
Original article

Genomic identification and characterization of prophages associated with Citrobacter freundii strains


S. M. IqbalMahamud


Sabbir R.Shuvo

J Adv Biotechnol Exp Ther. 2023 Sep; 6(3): 648-658|Doi: 10.5455/jabet.2023.d156
Original article

No evidence of relationship between colorectal cancer susceptibility and ERCC2 gene polymorphisms


Eman SaadiSaleh


Ahmed ZuhairAlsammarraie

J Adv Biotechnol Exp Ther. 2023; 6(3): 638-647|Doi: 10.5455/jabet.2023.d155
Review article

Proniosomes: A provesicular system in ocular drug delivery





J Adv Biotechnol Exp Ther. 2023; 6(3): 622-637|Doi: 10.5455/jabet.2023.d154
Original article

Cloning and expression of recombinant purine nucleoside phosphorylase in the methylotrophic yeast Pichia pastoris





J Adv Biotechnol Exp Ther. 2023; 6(3): 610-621|Doi: 10.5455/jabet.2023.d153
Short communication

Association of serum level of interleukin-33 and insulin resistance in overt and subclinical hypothyroidism patients

Zainab Abdul HusseinJabbar,

Hanaa AddaiAli


Mohauman Mohammed MajeedAlRufaie

J Adv Biotechnol Exp Ther. 2023; 6(3): 575-583|Doi: 10.5455/jabet.2023.d150

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